The Jigsaw journey – 12 months on!

It’s now almost 12 months since we started Jigsaw Specialist Recruitment – and what a year it’s been! We’ve worked incredibly hard, learnt a huge amount, and enjoyed more success than we dared to dream of.
With that anniversary coming up, we thought we’d share some insights – so here are 8 things we’ve learnt in our first year in business
· You get out of business what you put in
· Keep overheads low to start with
· There are tools everywhere that will make your life easier. Many of them are completely free
· Take educated risks
· Great branding can take you a long way
· Cash flow is key
· Network, network, network!
· It doesn’t hurt to ask
We are so very grateful to all those who have helped us and supported us in our journey so far – thanks to each and every one of you. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the next 12 months!