The surprising amount of applicants it takes to make a hire

With a number of ways to make a hire – from referrals to job boards to social media – recruiters need to think smarter when it comes to securing quality candidates.

Especially when it takes 128 applicants to make one hire.

That’s according to Lever’s latest recruiting benchmarks report, which found that it takes 128 applicants to make a hire, far outweighing the amount it takes using sourced candidates (64), agency candidates (25) or referrals (12).

Furthermore, the report found that almost one in every three candidates (31%) declines a job offer – with the figure rising to 41% of engineering candidates.

However, recruiters can tighten up their strategy to ensure top talent doesn’t slip away, reassures Amanda Bell, Director of Recruiting at Lever.

Writing in Entrepreneur, Bell shares her tips on how recruiters can start to hire smarter and faster…

Leverage early conversations to discover their candidates’ motivations.

Bell writes that early conversations with candidates are crucial: “What are they looking for in their next opportunity? To broaden their skill set? Move into management?

“Once you have that understanding, you can make sure to authentically meet candidate desires throughout the recruiting process, and showcase how your organisation is uniquely positioned to meet them. Instead of ‘hard selling’ during negotiations, you can reaffirm the conversations you’ve had all along.”

Don’t be afraid to ask your candidate questions such as: “What I’m hearing is if your offer looks like X, you’re in. Is that true?” she adds. “There’s nothing wrong with negotiating.”

Improve applicant quality

To avoid being inundated with a high volume of candidates – that aren’t actually fit for the role, being specific in job descriptions is crucial.

“First, be specific about roles and the results expected. If it’s too broad, or could apply to any company, it’s of no use,” Bell advises. “Second, be very intentional about where you post a job opening. Be selective, just like you want your candidates to be.”

She adds that firms that pioneer recruitment marketing will stand out, so make sure that you showcase the organisation’s company culture and vision to make the right talent come to them.

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