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Are You Fully Utilising Your Skill Set?

Did you know? It’s recently been revealed that around half of the UK workforce could be in the wrong job based on their current skills level. Does this ring true for you?

If so, here’s some valuable advice from our team of expert recruitment specialists to help you realise your full potential and land that dream job!

Our four-step process below will give you a hand in recognising your own skills, identifying if it’s time for a career change and how to engage potential employers.

Step One – Evaluate Yourself

We recommend taking the time to evaluate your strengths as a worker. What do you do best? Take your time and begin to write up a list of your skills. We also recommend complimenting these with written examples of your specialist experience.

Step Two – Distinguish Yourself

Now you have a list prepared, decide what skills you have that others don’t. What differentiates you from others, what makes you a valuable employee and why are you a specialist? Pick out your key qualities and then back up what you are saying using scenarios where you have put them into practice.

Step Three – Do Your Research

Research is important! When it’s time to find a new role in a specialist sector, remember to carefully read the person specification for the job you’re applying for.

You’ll then be able to identify which of your strengths and skills will appeal most in your job application. You can also compare your skills list with the skills required for the role. If they match, you can be sure that your specialist skills will be fully utilised.

Step Four – Communicate

What are your unique selling points? Expand on the specialist skills you have identified in detail and show in definite terms how your experience matches with the specialist skills required.

Robin Brian, Director at Jigsaw Specialist Recruitment says:

“Getting to know your skills is an important step towards finding a fulfilling career. We have seen first-hand that those using their skills fully in the workplace have higher levels of job satisfaction, earn more and are more resilient to change. At Jigsaw, we can offer you expert guidance on identifying your skills, developing your CV and preparing for an interview.”

If you would like to speak to a member of our team in person, feel free to call us on 01202 888343.