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Sign of the times (to move on)

Change is a tricky customer for many of us. Comfortable habits and routines are hard to uproot, even when they are no longer working for us – and that goes for our working lives too. Fear of the unknow and the ‘better the devil you know’ attitude can keep us in a job long after we should have moved on.

So, before you become part of the furniture, here are three tell-tale signs that it really is time to start looking for a new job.

  1. You don’t feel challenged. Mastery is a great feeling, but when a job no longer surprises you, challenges you, or stretches you, it might be time to look elsewhere. Not only is it boring, but it can breed complacency, which is always a dangerous thing! And don’t be fooled by the fact that you’re working your socks off – you can slog away just as hard at a job long after it has stopped being interesting!
  2. If you can’t progress. You might love your job, you might adore your colleagues, but if the path ahead of you is blocked, don’t get too comfortable. It might be that there is no opportunity for promotion until others leave. Or maybe the scale or focus of the company is too limited for your talents or ambitions. Whatever the reason, if you’re not able to work towards your career goals, then find a role where you can.
  3. You hate your job. Ok, this might seem an obvious one, but how many of us find ourselves dreading Monday, or moaning incessantly to friends and family about our jobs – yet still not taking steps to change things? If being at work makes you miserable and you’re daydreaming about a different life, it’s definitely time to pull the escape chord!

If all this is ringing worryingly true for you, then why not see if we can help. Here at Jigsaw our speciality is personal service. We’re not just interested in your CV – we want to find out all about you – what you value, how you think. That’s how we make sure we find a job that’s right for you! Call us on: 01202 888343.