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Five job interview mistakes you need to avoid – Jigsaw Director Robin Brian takes you through his top five interview errors, and how you can avoid them.

Turning up late

Unless you have a phenomenal excuse, never turn up late to a job interview. It creates such a bad first impression, you might as well not bother turning up at all. Plan your journey, give yourself some contingency time, and aim to arrive early so you can be as calm and composed as possible.

Being unprepared

With so much information available online, there is no excuse for not doing your homework, and if you don’t – it shows. Find out everything you can about a potential new employer and think very specifically about how you will fit in, and what you can contribute.

Being unfriendly or rude

You might be having the worst day ever – but never bring a bad mood into the interview room. This a chance for your potential employer to meet you and discover if your new team will enjoy working alongside you – so don’t given them any reason to think otherwise. Smile, make eye contact and be positive.

Not asking questions

Not having a good question to ask is a no-no. You might imagine it comes over as laid back and easy going, but not having even one question reads as a complete lack of interest, in the company, in the job, and in your own career pathway. Always have a few questions in mind.

Being inappropriate

This covers a range of sins, from inappropriate behaviour, such as flirting with your interviewer, to rocking up in scruffy clothes. Look the part, and take your lead from the interview panel – a safe default is to keep it professional.