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Why being happy at work really matters…

You skip into the office an hour early, your heart bursting with joy at the prospect of another day of work….

OK, so this is not a likely scenario for the vast majority of us, no matter how much we enjoy our jobs – but what about this one….

You drag yourself out of bed with a groan, your heart sinking as you remember it’s Monday, and you’ve got five full days in the office ahead of you…

Does that ring a few more bells?

The truth is, while we might not be giddy with glee every day at work, neither should we accept a job where the working day is a dark cloud hanging over our lives.

Happiness at work is achievable – and it matters.

A few years ago, academics at Warwick University carried out a study exploring what happens to our productivity when we’re happier.

Understanding the Happy Productive Worker involved a series of experiments in which randomly selected individuals were made happier either by viewing a short comedy clip, or through the provision of drinks and snacks.

After checking these methods were effective in making the subjects happier (they were) they then went on to show that these individuals had 12% greater productivity than a control group.

In short, being happy in your work not only feels better – but makes you a better employee too. Before you prod your manager and demand a job lot of office cakes, it’s worth thinking about what you can do to be happier at work.

Are there areas of your job that you particularly enjoy? Is it possible to take on more of these things, while jettisoning some of the things you dislike?

Are there frustrations that you haven’t addressed? Might it be worth a catch up with your manager to air them at the very least, but hopefully to bring about some resolutions?

Are you feeling bored and dissatisfied? Could it be time to think about pushing for new responsibilities? Or even taking a look around for new opportunities?

Ultimately, if your job is simply a bad fit, it might be wise to move on, rather than invest more of your time and energy in something which leaves you suffering under your own personal black cloud?

Robin Brian, Director at Jigsaw Specialist Recruitment says:

‘I regularly come across people who are talented, capable, experienced, and thoroughly likeable – but are not making the best of themselves in the workplace, and as a result aren’t as happy as they should be.

‘The best part of my job is finding a role which really suits them; one that plays to their strengths, fits with their ideals, and supports them in their ambitions and priorities. If that fit is right, they’re going to have far more good days at work, and their new employer will reap the benefits too.’