Bournemouth Business Awards Winner!

As I sit down to write this, I am overwhelmed with a profound sense of gratitude and pride. This marks not only a significant milestone in our professional journey, but also a moment to express my appreciation and respect to the person who has been by my side through every triumph and trial – my amazing wife, Natalie Brian
From the beginning of our venture, we dared to dream, venture into the unknown and navigate into setting up and running our business Jigsaw Specialist Recruitment. It’s not been easy, in the last few years we’ve both last our dad’s, witnessed our daughter Bethany, spend many months in hospital with illness and deal with the plight of covid.
In the relentless pursuit of our goals, Natalie has been more than a business partner; she has been my inspiration and the reason our household has kept going. Her innate strength, resilience, and unwavering optimism have propelled us forward, even when the path seemed daunting. In her, I found not only a companion in business but also a soulmate whose unwavering support has been the strength to keep our family unconditionally happy.
Well today, all that effort and determination was recognised when we unbelievably won the Best Family Business at the 2024 Bournemouth Business Awards. Lot’s of people said they would never work with their wife……Well I wouldn’t want to be in partnership with anyone else!