Q&A with Sonja, Recruitment Partner at Jigsaw

Meet the team: Q&A with Sonja, Recruitment Partner at Jigsaw Specialist Recruitment
The key to happiness is – enjoying and appreciating little things in life as those are in reality BIG things
What inspires you – Seeing kindness in people, emotional intelligence and summer breeze 😊
Where would you be in the world right now if you weren’t sat at your desk – definitely Cuba, dancing Salsa and actively participating at their delicious Rum degustation 😊
Favourite band/singer – don’t have a favourite band, but I am a bit of a cocktail between rock chick and summery Latino vibes 😊
All time favourite movie – Eat, Pray Love …nothing can’t beat good old Julia Roberts 😊
Interesting fact that people don’t know – I am a ski and swimming instructor in retirement 😊😊😊
If you could meet anyone for an hour who would it be – Ehhh….I wanted to say Nelson Mandela, but then it struck me – that would be a bit hard, so I’ll go with Keanu Reeves 😊😊😊
What is the best thing that has happened to you this year – I count my blessings daily as there are some many, but getting to be so fortunate to be able to travel, definitely stands out 😊
What is the favourite part of your job – I am absolutely addicted to that special buzz that you get when you make a placement (fellow recruiters will know what I am talking about) 😊
What makes you a successful recruiter – I believe a genuine desire to help others to achieve. This is something people pick on and that is what makes me good at what I do 😊