The Jigsaw Story, written by Natalie Brian

7.5 years ago, Robin and I handed our notices in at our respective jobs to start Jigsaw Specialist Recruitment. We both had a great deal of recruitment experience and good jobs within our respective companies, so we were comfortable. But we had a burning desire to own our own business.

We had a baby and a toddler, we had just taken on a bigger mortgage and we had building work going on at our newly purchased home.

Also, as husband and wife, we knew what it was like living together but what were we going to be like working together?

So taking this all into account, this was not the ideal time to start our own business…but was there ever really going to be the ideal time?

Looking back, the hardest thing about starting up the business was walking through that “black door”, without really knowing what was on the other side. We liked to think that we had built up good reputations, but I am not afraid to say that taking that risk caused us a few sleepless nights.

During the last 7.5 years, we have been through Brexit, family illness, bereavements, an office fire (!) and a worldwide pandemic! But thankfully, we have never regretted making that decision.
We have seen our business grow from strength to strength and have many wonderful relationships with clients and candidates and a fantastic team.

My advice to anyone looking to start up their own business would be to prepare for it financially, know your market, your unique selling points and your competitors. Also, make a detailed plan on how to grow and never rest on your laurels.

Thank you to everyone that has supported our business so far. Whether you have liked our social media posts, followed our page, trusted us to help with key recruitment hires or enabled us to help shape your career path.

Here’s to the next 7.5 years!